C50 HIGH SPEED                 

Designed for Hi-Tech Solutions Ltd. (HTS). The C-50 high-speed all-in-one recognition system is a sophisticated image processing system that captures car plate images and identifies their license plate numbers.                                                                      >  more










Sesami Slim - OTP Token                                                                                   Designed in collaboration with CIDWAY Development Ltd.
CIDWAY Sesami Slim is a state-of-the-art, portable, personal, One Time Password (OTP) device providing leading edge protection for remote authentication
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Personal Safety Device
Designed for emergency service provider.

Online locating and tracking device.
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18.7 Secure Series
Designed for Hi-G-Tek Ltd.
18.7 Secure Series products are the next generation of standards
based on interoperable Active RFID tags and readers.
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