Insulog add-on device  
Insulog add-on device detects & monitors the time passed since the last insulin injection & the injection dosage used  
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JOLI 360  
a home-use aesthetic treatment  (RF, ELP, LLLT ) & measurement  (Elasticity, Sebum, Hydration) device.  
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Multi-layer Leak Detection Sensors  

Designed for Aquarius Spectrum Ltd.
The Automatic leak detection system is used for smart water management, based on continuous acoustic monitoring using fixed correlating sensors.

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18.7 Secure Series  
Designed for Hi-G-Tek Ltd.
18.7 Seccure Series products are the next generation of standards based on interoperable Active RFID tags and readers.
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Personal Communication Centre  
Designed for TLZ Inc.
This wireless earphone, developed for TLZ Inc., acts as a communication center
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Personal Monitoring Device   
Designed for a telemedicine company.
The device is a real-time, mobile, wearable, medical monitoring wristwatch, housing medical biosensors and cellular communication
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Personal Safety Device  
Designed for emergency service provider.
Online locating and tracking.
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