Solo MicroPump

A tiny insulin pump that allows people with diabetes to deliver insulin discreetly without tubing or injections.

Solo MicroPump


Smart Injectors & Drug Management,

Solo MicroPump

The Solo MicroPump is a compact insulin delivery device designed for discreet use, providing individuals with diabetes the ability to administer insulin without tubing or injections. This miniature insulin pump features a built-in flow sensor and integrates a sugar levels sensor, all within a tubing-free, lightweight design.

With a 200-unit insulin reservoir, wireless remote, and user-friendly design, the Solo MicroPump has empowered individuals with diabetes to deliver insulin discreetly without tubing or injections.


Where did NEAT have an impact?

  • ● Contributing to the design of electronics for optimal functionality.
  • Developing sensors to enhance the pump’s overall performance.
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