During the past 35 years, dozens of professional innovative companies have developed their products with Neat, under the leadership of Alex Treystman. Together Neat has been part of revolutionary solutions within the global market. Our team is made up of professional engineers with extensive experience.

Alex Treystman
Neat founder

Our mission is to lead innovative solutions for top professionals and entrepreneurs by delivering devices using high-end technology knowledge, with 35 years experience.

We use the best engineering solutions to deliver professional devices. We exist to answer engineering challenges and deliver neat technology solutions dedicated to your vision. Our mission is to answer engineering challenges and bring ideas to life, to its destination, and beyond.


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Contact us and together we’ll shape the future. At NEAT, we contribute to global innovation, by being your one-stop-shop R&D partner for creating groundbreaking devices.
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    Michael Schwart
    Yiphat Regoler
    CPO & Program manager